Instagram Direct Message

Private message, inbox or direct message whatever you call it’s also available on Instagram. We can send the message to another user directly to them. In some case, we need to have a private conversation with another IG user. For example when we need to ask somebody about a sensitive information such as their age perhaps “that’s not polite either :)”.

Instagram photo app announced the presence of features direct message or send a direct message, which is named Instagram Direct in the year 2013. This feature allows users to share photos or videos in private. The contents of the message can only be accessed by the sender and receiver, as well as the direct message on Twitter.

However, Instagram Direct are limited to 15 followers (followers). Instagram mention, the reason that feature can only be enjoyed by followers in limited numbers. Sometimes we just want to share information with specific people.

User’s group with a limit number of people can talk about a photo or a video. Instagram Direct can only load a message together with a photo or video. Unlike direct message on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, which only contains the message text. 

Send a message directly to friends or to some may be a little confused and difficult for new users of your application Instagram. Actually, Instagram itself has made this feature and it’s called Instagram Direct Message. The function of this feature is to facilitate the users to send messages in a private or group you already know  or to the old users that follow you. This Instagram feature can send messages like other social networking applications.

The workings of Instagram Direct message itself can be done against a friend or someone who has been a follower in your Instagram account. Meanwhile, to send a message directly to a friend on Instagram, you still need to include and while sending photos or video. Direct message on Instagram can be retrieved from the home screen, you can see the drawer icon on the top right corner when you on the home screen. This drawer icon has a badge too when you have an unread message.

If you can not start the Instagram app please read Installing Instagram On Android first.

How to Read Instagram Private Message / Direct Message

  1. Open the drawer icon on the top right corner by clicking it, sometimes with number badge that indicates that you have an unread message.
  2. After you click the drawer icon you will see your private message list if you have one. If you needed to see the detail of every message detail that you received, you can click on the message.

One thing you should consider again that friend you are sending the message must have direct message feature on the Instagram application they use. That’s an easy way to send private messages to friends on Instagram via Instagram Direct message.

How to Send a Private Message / Direct Message On Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app and make sure you’re on the look Home
  2. Tap the icon Instagram Direct On Top Angle
  3. Tap the + button and upload a photo or video to be included in the message
    inbox instagram
  4. Enter the title of the picture you want to send to start a conversation and then scroll down to find a friend who wants to send a message, then tap on their profile photo.
  5. Finally, tap the top corner of the check icon to send a message.
  6. To view the replies will be on your Android smartphone notification bar. But if you want to manually check the replies you just need to tap on the icon Instagram Direct Message.

How to Delete Instagram Private Message / Direct Message

  1. Tap drawer icon at the top right of the news
  2. Swipe to the left on the conversations you want to delete
  3. tap Delete

Once you remove it, the conversation will not be seen again in your incoming messages. Please note that this process only removes the conversation for you, but still can be seen by other people involved in it.


How to Retrieve Deleted Instagram Direct Message


2 Easy Steps To Start Using Instagram on Android

Instagram is the most successful picture based mobile social network app, at least 10 Million people have been download this app. The Instagram main feature is picture sharing that’s the main content in Instagram. Instagram can be installed on Android devices with this 2 easy steps.

What do you need to install Instagram on android ?

  • Android phone with 50MB free space and has at least 512MB RAM
  • Active internet connection
  • Valid email Account for receiving activation link
  • Active phone number to receive activation code

Most of Android devices that had 512MB or more RAM can run this Instagram app. Before we began let’s make sure that you android device has at least 50MB free storage space and the battery has enough power to run the device at least for 10 minutes running. And internet connection to download the Instagram app.

STEP 1 : Installing the Instagram

  • Open play store app and search for Instagram, you will see the play store icon on your phone app icon list. Search for Instagram in the play store app. Click Instagram on the first row in the list. Click Install and accept the Instagram system access requirement, wait till it’s installed play store icon
    playstore icon
  • Now you have Instagram installed on your android (from now we call Instagram as IG), but you can’t post any picture yet. First, we need to create IG account using an active email account.
  • Start IG and after the welcome screen appears, click register with your phone number or email, make sure you have an active phone number for receiving IG activation code.
  • Follow the instruction including entering the activation code that sent via sms to your phone, and click the activation link in your email. Now you ready to use IG.
  • In this point, you don’t have any people to follow and no one has following you, so the next steps are how to follow someone IG and find who want to follow you.

STEP 2 : How to follow people on IG

The best way to find people to follow and find the people that want to follow us is using friend list on your facebook account. To do that we must connect your IG account with your facebook account. Try to read Increasing instagram follower to increasing your IG follower faster.

instagram folower

9 Way Improving Instagram Follower

Instagram followers are the key to Instagram marketing. The number of followers, and their interest that relevant with your product will blast your sales in hours. This 9 way can make your Instagram follower will increase faster.

  1. Make sure the photo posted is a lot, at least 30 photographs (for the newly created accounts).
  2. The photo you post interesting and helpful. Helpful in terms of useful, entertaining, funny, informative, and others. Essentially, someone else should get the ‘value’ of your post.
  3. SFS (Shoutout For Shoutout) : Group set online shop that all online shop has a mutual exchange of sale goods on Instagram.
  4. Endorse the famous artist who has some niche with your product
  5. Create Contests or Sweepstakes
  6. Follow people who will probably be interested in your posts, or follow the followers who follow another account that has the same niche with your account / your product. Suppose you are selling cosmetics, then follow followers cosmetics seller accounts that have large followers. The reason every time in follow we will get notifications
  7. Follow as much as possible to the account that has the same interest with your product.
  8. Likes (LIKE / LOVE) as many other people’s photos. with expectations of people who have not followed you and “we hope” will follow you later.
  9. Leave some comment’s on the post, so another followers will see you and we hope they would be follow you. This method is also useful to build our interactions with prospective customers.